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Upgrade from Dynamics NAV 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 to Dynamics 365 Business Central – User Licen

When you sign up for a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central account today, the company only offers named user licenses (or subscription) just like they are being used by Office365 and Azure. This applies to both their Microsoft hosted and their Business Central OnPrem solution.

Concurrent User Model – Prior to Business Central, you could create as many users in the user tables as you wish, but the system would restrict access to the number of users that access the system AT THE SAME TIME (concurrently). i.e. If you had a 10 User License, you could have 100 users defined in the User Database, but only 10 of them could log in to the Dynamics NAV system at once. The 11th user would receive an error message.

Named User License (Subscription) – Fundamentally different from concurrent, it will retrieve values form the defined user list and count the number of records. Each user has to be assigned a user license from the administrator portal, just like in Office 365. A user can be assigned a full or a team user license which will drive that users posting capabilities in Business Central. It is also possible for the same user to login to multiple sessions at the same time without restrictions. Microsoft switched to this model for their ERP systems to allow for central user management capabilities throughout all of its products.

If you purchased Dynamics NAV prior to 1/1/2019, you will most likely have a concurrent user license. Microsoft will allow you to change your license and upgrade to Business Central, providing you are current with your annual maintenance. The following license conversion Matrix will apply.

  1. For Every FULL concurrent user license, Microsoft will issue 2 named user licenses

  2. For every LIMITED concurrent user license, Microsoft will issue 1 named user license

In addition, if you had your Partner make changes to the Dynamics NAV system using the C/AL programming language, you will need to modify these customizations to run on Microsoft new platform called an EXTENSION written in AL Code. In the past, the C/AL was modifying the actual Microsoft programming with regards to tables, pages and other objects in the system. This would result in difficulties when upgrading from one version to the next as these modifications had to be merged into the new code. The new EXTENSION model provides for the separation of the customization code into a new object called an extension, which can then be loaded and unloaded freely and easily, just like an App on your Smartphone.

CBR Technology can assist your organization in upgrading from prior Versions of NAV by providing development resources that have the experience and know-how to handle this C/Al to AL Code conversion.

Please feel free to contact us at Tel. (855) 227-0700 or via e-mail at . Please ask for Christoph Riechert to discuss your particular project.

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