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What's new in D365 Business Central Version 21, Released Oct 2022

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

For detailed information and assistance with your Business Central implementation, please contact us. Our team is located in the US and our primary business hours are PST. Call us at 855-227-0700


In 2022 release wave 2 (Also known as Version 21), Microsofts delivers updates based on the most popular requests for improvement. Microsoft will invest in better reporting and several improvements to the finance and supply chain areas. You can set the Update window for your system in the Business Central Admin Panel. If you are running large ISV add-ons for eCommerce, EDI, and shipping sub-systems, we recommend that you test the new Version in a Sandbox instance before going live.

Feature Enabled for public preview General availability

User experiences

Improvements across the portfolio of clients for desktop and mobile devices.

FeatureEnabled for public previewGeneral availability

Productive with Microsoft 365

Empower SMBs to work smarter with collaborative experiences, tools, and insights within the flow of work.


In this release wave, we continue the work we introduced in the previous release wave for Excel layouts.

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