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New Copilot - AI Features being released for Business Central in Version 24

The latest version of Business Central, version 24 (Released April-May 2024), introduces new features, such as bank reconciliation matching, sales order line processing, inventory item marketing text updates, and company-wide search in Business Central.

Another enhancement is the copilot-supported help functions, which provide contextual guidance and assistance for users who need help with specific tasks or features. The copilot can answer questions, provide tips, and suggest actions based on the user's situation and needs.

One of the new features that can benefit from the copilot is the inventory item marketing text updates. This feature allows users to update the marketing text for inventory items based on their attributes, such as color, size, or style. The copilot can help users select the appropriate attributes and generate the marketing text automatically, saving time and ensuring consistency.

A new feature that can streamline the sales order process is the sales order line processing. This feature allows users to add sales order lines to a sales order based on simple text that could be pasted from a customer's email. The copilot can help users parse the text and match it with the inventory items, quantities, and prices, and then add the sales order lines to the sales order with one click.

A new feature in Business Central that can improve the user experience and productivity is the company-wide search. This feature allows users to locate records anywhere in the system based on text input. The copilot can help users refine the search criteria and filter the results by relevance, date, or category. The company-wide search can help users find the information they need quickly and easily.

Video walk-throughs for these new features can be found on our YouTube channel.

Universal Search

Marketing Text Generation for Items

Adding Sales Order Lines based on Text Input

Listing Pages improvments using CoPilot

Online Support (Help) using Copilot

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