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Business Central Version 23 Release - What's New - General Release 11-4-2023

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Microsoft will be rolling out the new Version on November 4th 2023. In an executive summary format, what can we look forward to:

  1. Reverse a customer and vendor ledger entry with a realized gain or loss entry (GL)

  2. Consolidate financial information across environments in multicompany setups (GL)

  3. Include approvals for intercompany general journals in your workflows (GL)

  4. Make intercompany transactions across Business Central environments (GL, AR, AP)

  5. Use General Ledger Allocations to distribute costs and revenue more efficiently (GL)

  6. Include only open entries on customer statements (AR)

  7. Adjust exchange rates easily, replace the built-in batch job (Multi-Currency)

  8. More control over general journal approvals (GL)

  9. Use different general ledger accounts for payables, receivables. (AR, AP)

  10. Add more columns (fields) to pages for better insight (SY)

  11. Availability overview helps you calculate quantities in your warehouse (WMS)

  12. Block specific item variants from general, sales and purchasing transactions (IV)

  13. Configure how to handle different warehouse operations (WMS)

  14. Edit in Excel on item journals and warehouse worksheets (IV, WMS)

  15. Identify and track items easier with item references (IV, WMS, SOP, POP)

  16. Improved processes for inventory counts and adjustments (IV)

  17. Navigate easier between order, receipt, and invoice documents (IV, SOP, POP)

  18. Print and scan barcodes for Item with Lot Numbers (IV)

  19. Receive more items than ordered by using inventory put-away documents (IV, WMS)

  20. Suggest the next step for sales and production orders (MNFG)

  21. Sync document and posting dates for sales and purchases (SOP, POP)

  22. Use directed pick and put-away suggestions in basic warehouse configurations (WMS)

In addition to these application features, the System manager has been updated to allow for new functions, including:

  1. Add existing table fields to optimize your pages

  2. Get to data search from anywhere in Business Central

  3. Show related record details from lookup

  4. Distinguish between browser tabs when multitasking

  5. Mark fields as read-only when customizing UI

  6. Share readable deep links to pages and records

  7. Scan barcodes with Business Central mobile app for iOS and Android

  8. Search for pages and data in the mobile app

  9. Access worksheet pages from mobile phones

GREAT STUFF !!!! If you require any assistance with your Business Central system, including custom programming, please contact our team at CBR Technology located in Huntington Beach California. We will be happy to to assist you.

This new version will be made available to the general public on November 4th 2023.

Call 714-698-4027 and ask for Sales to get started !

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