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NetSuite 2013 Version 1 Released – What’s New

NetSuite ERP

Enhanced Manufacturing Routing and Scheduling

The new Manufacturing Routing feature streamlines manufacturing processes

With NetSuite 2013.1, NetSuite enables manufacturers to optimize production of complex work orders with the new Manufacturing Routing and Scheduling feature, one of the most requested enhancements from manufacturing companies. This feature requires Advanced Projects.

This new feature allows production managers to create manufacturing routings to streamline the assignment of each manufacturing operation to work centers in their production environment. On a routing, production managers can define scheduling parameters such as setup time and run rates for each operation, assign work centers to each operation and sequence the operations required to build an assembly. Once a default routing has been defined, the system will automatically create and schedule the operations necessary to complete a work order. The system also considers the default Work Calendar when scheduling work orders.

Production managers can track work order activity by operation

By assigning and tracking production by operation, NetSuite helps manufacturers to optimize production lead times and costs. Production managers can now monitor shop floor performance by tracking actual work order activity by operation. On the completion page, operators can now enter completed quantities, labor and machines times for an individual operation or multiple operations at once.

Completion quantities and times are automatically updated for each operation to give the production manager the visibility and control necessary to optimize activities on the shop floor. Based on the actual time spent and the time remaining for an operation, subsequent start and end times of subsequent operations will automatically be adjusted to provide a more realistic sc