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Microsoft Business Central – 1099 MISC NEC forms show incorrect Dollar Amounts in Preview &#82

Microsoft has acknowledged a problem with the PREVIEW features of 1099 MISC and 1099 NEC forms in Dynamics 365 Business Central as of 1-26-2020.

The problem occurs when you press the PREVIEW button on the 1099 Misc and 1099 NEC forms. Although the majority of the information shows correctly, the actual amounts are showing an incorrect total.

To audit your 1099 Amounts for each Vendor, you can navigate to “1099 FORM BOXES” and select the reports menu to choose the “1099 Information Report”. This report will accurately tell you the amounts for each vendor.

If you need the edit the transactional details, you can do so in the “Vendor Ledger” and edit the 1099 Form or 1099 amount. In the 1099 Form Box, you can also make a vendor specific adjustment.

To fix this issue, simply select to print the 1099 MISC or 1099 NEC form to the printer and select the PDF option. This will generate a PDF file with the correct totals.

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