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Dynamics 365 Business Central – Assembly Orders versus Production Orders – Why use one o


Many of clients in the Manufacturing and Distribution industries are forced to decide which part of the Business Central product is best suited for their needs. In an effort to clarify some of the consideration of system module deployment, please be aware of the following items:

What the modules have in common:

  1. Both Assembly and Manufacturing modules can track single or multi-level Bill of Materials for a finished product

  2. Both modules support a separate transaction to decrease raw materials and increase finished goods with support for Lot Number or Serial Numbers

  3. Both Bill of Materials support non-inventory Resources such as people or machines

  4. Both modules offer the ability to link the Sales order to an assembly or production order in a make-to-order configuration

  5. Both modules have the ability to schedule a start and end date for the transaction

Why would you use the more complicated production modules versus the assembly order process:

  1. Have the ability to track work centers or machine center in routing steps (Process)

  2. Have the ability to track Versions (Revisions) for changes to Routing Steps

  3. Track unit capacities for work centers or machine centers and provide for scheduling options