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D365 BC – Posting Date is not within your range Error

The Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) product allows you to specify a range of dates within which you are allowed to post the General Ledger. For additional assistance with your implementation or maintenance of your Microsoft ERP system, please feel free to call us at Tel (714) 901-5740. Finance Departments use this feature to control their users and specify what range of dates are valid. Typically, these settings are modified frequently throughout the year. The eror you receive when posting outside the range is:


To correct this error, the user must have full access tot he General Ledger Setup window.

Once you are in the window, update the starting and ending dates as indicated.

D365 BC General Ledger Setup

In addition, D365 BC allows you to control each individuals posting date ranges in the USER SETUP window as well. If you leave these fields blank, the system will use the GL Setup. Otherwise, please note the following configuration options:

D365BC User Setup for PostingDates
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