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User Transaction Date Restrictions in Dynamics NAV

It is common practice for Accounting Departments across the US, to restrict users to specific transaction dates within the Dynamics NAV system. This is typically done for prior accounting periods after the month-end closing procedures have been completed. However, some of my clients also restrict future periods to avoid accidental data entry mistakes during subledger transactions.

Dynamics NAV offers an ACCOUNTING PERIOD maintenance window which refers to a CLOSE period function. Make sure NOT to use this function as it essentially performs a PL to retained earnings account adjustment for the period in question. Typically this is only done at year-end and not on a monthly basis in the US.

In the GENERAL LEDGER SETUP window of NAV 2016, you can define a FROM and TO date for the entirety of the system. However, many of our clients have an accounting department team which works on different date ranges than the operational team. As a result this approach is too restrictive in order to handle the regular month-end closing procedures for a US company. If you want to have different FROM-TO date restrictions, depending on the User in the system, you have to use the USER SETUP option which is discussed below. The system will FIRST look at the existence of a USER SETUP restriction and if not present, use the system settings in the GL setup window.


To restrict the USERS from using a transaction date outside of the current range, search the NAV systems for the option called “USER SETUP”. In this window, you create a record for each active user in your company, if it does not already exist. You then have the option to define a FROM and a TO date which will perform the desired date restriction.

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