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QuickBooks Enterprise 2013 – Service Pack R6 Released

Intuit has released its latest Edition of the QuickBooks Enterprise 2013 product with Revision 6. Most important issue of this update is that it has addressed a number of performance and stability issues which had been reported by some users. To Verify what Version of QuickBooks you are running, press the <F2> while you are in QuickBooks. The latest Version will read:

QBESProduct Information


What’s important about Release 6?

  1. Resolved QBW32.EXE Fatal Application Exit error (Unrecoverable Error 02700 80318)

  2. Improved performance.

  3. Added the ability to change the Company File Color Scheme      

  4. Added Windows 8 support for the QuickBooks Attach Documents scan manager.

  5. Added Monthly payroll item limits.

Known Issue

  1. After updating to R6, in certain conditions a manual sync might be required for Enterprise users to be able to use subscriptions like QuickBooks email, Accountants Copy File Transfer, or Advanced Inventory.Accounts Receivable

  2. Terms on sales orders will flow to the invoices created from it.Add Multiple Items

  3. The Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window will now refresh if Assembly items are created from the Item list.Advanced Inventory

  4. QuickBooks will now display a “No Site” section on the Inventory Stock Status by Site report, for those transactions without a site selected.

  5. Resolved issues that caused barcode scanners to not work if unplugged and then plugged back in while QuickBooks is open.

  6. When row shelf bin is turned on, the on-hand quantity of a build assembly will no longer show zero if there are builds that predate inventory transactions.

  7. With Advanced Inventory enabled, the QuickBooks verify/rebuild utility will now detect inventory transfers that have all positive quantities in the “from” and “to” quantity fields.

  8. Improved multi-user performance for large company files that have the Lot numbers preference enabled.

  9. Unit cost has been added to the FIFO Cost Lot History by Item report.

  10. QuickBooks will no longer warn when a duplicate lot number is used.

  11. With the Multiple Inventory Sites preference enabled, QuickBooks will no longer display a warning when editing a build assembly when the original build quantity is greater than the quantity available.

  12. Verify will no longer fail after an inventory transfer is recorded while the Average Cost is negative.

  13. Editing the site on a transaction after turning off the Track Bin Location preference, will no longer cause the Verify to fail.

  14. Serial Numbers in Stock reports will only show the current quantity of an item.

  15. Costs on purchase transactions will no longer display incorrectly when Unit of Measure is enabled.Banking

  16. When the sort by option “Date,Type,Number/Ref” is chosen, deposits will now be listed first for transactions created on the same date.Batch Enter Transactions

  17. Batch Enter Transactions’ menu item is now accessible under the Company menu for non-accountant versions of QuickBooks Enterprise v13.0.Calendar

  18. QuickBooks will no longer close when trying to add a ToDo note having more than 500 characters while in multi-user mode.

  19. Fixed an issue that caused duplicate employee names to appear when picking one on the Add To Do window.Centers

  20. The Item Image window has been re-sized to support lower resolutions.

  21. Increased the number of rows visible on the Bins tab in the Inventory Center.

  22. All customer information (phone, email, etc.) will be added to any new jobs created for it.File Operations

  23. Resolved issues that prevented QBB files created with QuickBooks for Mac from being opened in QuickBooks for Windows 2013.Fixed Asset Manager

  24. QuickBooks will no longer prompt to allow QuickBooks Fixed Asset Manager access to the QuickBooks company file.Help

  25. Updated payroll help topics.Intuit Sync Manager

  26. This release includes the latest version of Intuit Sync Manager.Lists

  27. The Open Form button on the Templates list will now open the template highlighted in the list.Multi-currency

  28. When multi-currency is enabled, total values will be reflected properly on a Purchase Order when it is created from an Estimate.Other

  29. QuickBooks Enterprise v13 trial users running R6 will not get Advanced Inventory,QuickBooks Email, and the Accountants Copy File Transfer features enabled by default.

  30. The error “LVL_ERROR–Unable to find the section for this mentu item!!!”, will no longer appear in the Windows event viewer. This error will only appear in the QBWIN.LOG.

  31. QuickBooks will now allow the spacebar to be used to select open Purchase Orders when creating bills.Payroll

  32. Pressing the “s” key on the Employee Defaults window will act as a hot key to select a Class.

  33. Improved performance of the Send Payroll Data workflow.

  34. QuickBooks will not prompt to send Direct Deposit for Vendor payments if Direct Deposit for Vendor is not active for the company file.

  35. QuickBooks will no longer display the message “You have Direct Deposit checks to send” when there are no checks to send.

  36. Monthly payroll item limits are now supported.

  37. After a check is voided and sent to Intuit using Direct Deposit, only a Cleared watermark will be displayed.PDF

  38. Improved overall PDF performance by resolving issues that prevented the ability to save as PDF.Performance

  39. QuickBooks Enterprise max data base cache size has been increased to 512 mb for improved performance.

  40. Resolved an issue that caused QuickBooks to close unexpectedly when pressing the F2 button.

  41. Resolved an issue that caused QuickBooks to close with the error “QBW32.EXE- Fatal Application Exit”.

  42. QuickBooks will no longer display ‘Unrecoverable error 19975 55647’ when a company file has My Apps opened on the left navigation pane.

  43. QuickBooks will no longer display ‘Unrecoverable error 13968 12568’ when opening the Customer Center.

  44. QuickBooks will no longer display ‘Unrecoverable error 14854 49054’when opening any invoice by double-clicking from the Open Invoices report, especially on computers running Windows XP SP3.

  45. QuickBooks will no longer display ‘Unrecoverable error 13968 12922’ when opening the Customer Center in multi-user mode, especially on computers running Windows XP SP3.

  46. QuickBooks will no longer display ‘Unrecoverable error 51609’ while setting up new users.

  47. Resolved an issue that would cause QuickBooks to hang when switching from single user mode to multi-user mode.

  48. QuickBooks will no longer display ‘Unrecoverable error 24995’ when users minimize/maximize QuickBooks multiple times when the progress bar is on.

  49. QuickBooks will no longer display ‘Unrecoverable error 17371 39236’ when users use ‘Full Screen’ mode, especially on computers running Windows XP SP3 or Windows 2003 server.

  50. QuickBooks will no longer display ‘Unrecoverable error 20888 41171’ when users launch any transaction form.Printing

  51. Corrected the alignment when printing an Inventory Assembly Bill of Materials report.

  52. The “Fit report to” setting now works correctly when printing memorized reports.QuickBooks Attached Documents

  53. Added Windows 8 support for the QuickBooks Attach Documents scan manager.QuickBooks Online Banking

  54. QuickBooks will no longer display the error “There is Not Enough Memory to Complete this Action”, when attempting to deactivate an account set up for online banking.QuickBooks Online Services

  55. The Pay Online option on the Write Checks window will now be enabled in company files with multi-currency enabled and running in multi-user mode, only if the base currency is selected to USD.Reports

  56. Purchase Orders and Sales Orders without a site now display a quantity on the Stock Status by Site report.

  57. Sales description will now show on all reports except for Purchase reports.

  58. Non site specific summary reports will now show site data when the report basis is set to Accrual.

  59. Clicking the “Revert” button in the Modify Report window, will now set the Zero QOH filter back to the default setting.

  60. Sales description will now show on all reports except for Purchase reports.

  61. Resolved an issue that caused the word “Overflow” to show on a memorized cash basis custom transaction detail report instead of dollar amounts.

  62. QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly when running the Review 1099 Vendors report.

  63. Resolved an issue that caused QuickBooks to close when opening Inventory items from the Inventory Valuation Summary report.User Interface

  64. Improved support for using QuickBooks with multiple monitors.

  65. QuickBooks will no longer display an unrecoverable error while customizing the colored icon bar.

  66. Save buttons can now be seen on the Write Checks window when viewing Paychecks and Payroll Liability checks in 1024×768 resolution.

  67. Labels are now in all CAPS across transactional forms to improve readability.

  68. The Company Information window has been updated to show your Intuit Account, Product Information and subscriptions/services for your company and instance of QuickBooks running, along with the Company Information . You will not be able to edit any of the information except for the Company Information.

  69. “Company File Color Scheme” option is introduced in the “Desktop View” preference to allow users to change the color of the title bar and the border of QuickBooks windows for a particular company file, which will help users to differentiate between multiple company files. This preference will be replacing the “Company Color Flag” preference introduced in R4 release. We are offering 14 different “Company File Color Scheme” options to apply on various company files. This is a user level preference, which essentially means that various users connected to the same company file can select different colors.

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