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Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Full Users versus Limited User – License Types


The regular Limited Users has sufficient table access to perform basic Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing tasks in Dynamics NAV. Generally speaking, a limited User is NOT able to post activity. This user License is designed to enter transactions in some parts of the systems, but not to post any activity.

Based on user security, a FULL user can access ALL tables in the Dynamics NAV system, while the limited user is restricted to the following Dynamics NAV tables:Account Schedule Chart Setup LineAccount Schedules Chart SetupAlternative AddressAnalysis Report Chart LineAnalysis Report Chart SetupApproval Comment LineApproval EntryAssemble-to-Order LinkAssembly Comment LineAssembly HeaderAssembly LineAttachmentAttendeeBin 1Business Chart User SetupBusiness RelationCampaign EntryCash Flow Chart SetupChange Log Entry (Audit Trail)Comment LineCont. Duplicate Search StringContactContact Alt. Addr. Date RangeContact Alt. AddressContact Business RelationContact Duplicate SearchContact Industry GroupContact Mailing GroupCustomerCustomer Invoice DiscountsDeferral HeaderDeferral Header ArchiveDeferral LineDeferral Line ArchiveDimensionDimension Ledger EntryDimension Set EntryDimension Set Tree Node 1Document DimensionDocument Dimension ArchiveEmail ItemEmployee MasterEmployee AbsenceEmployee QualificationsFA Allocation DimensionFinance CueG/L Budget DimensionGeneric Chart SetupIncoming DocumentIncoming Document AttachmentIntegration RecordInteraction Log EntryInteraction Log Entry Comment LineInventory PeriodItem Budget DimensionItem Charge Assignment (Sales)Journal Line Dimension   – Employee RelativeLogged SegmentMini Last Used ChartMisc. Article InformationMy CustomerMy ItemMy VendorNo. Series  Integration PageNo. Series LineNotification EntryOpportunityOpportunity EntryOrder AddressPage Data PersonalizationPlanning AssignmentPost CodePosted Document DimensionPosted Warehouse Receipt HeaderPosted Warehouse Receipt LinePosted Warehouse Shipment HeaderPosted Warehouse Shipment LineProduction Document DimensionPurchase Comment LinePurchase Comment Line ArchivePurchase CuePurchase HeaderPurchase Header ArchivePurchase LinePurchase Line ArchivePurchase Line DiscountPurchase PriceRecord LinkRegistered Warehouse Activity Header.Registered Warehouse. Activity LineRelationship Mgt. Comment LineReservation EntryRestricted RecordSales by Customer Group Chart SetupSales Comment LineSales Comment Line ArchiveSales CueSales HeaderSales Header ArchiveSales LineSales Line ArchiveSales Line DiscountSales PriceSegment HistoryService Contract DimensionService CueSession EventShip-to AddressTime Sheet Chart SetupTime Sheet Comment Line ArchiveTime Sheet Comment LineTime Sheet DetailTime Sheet Detail ArchiveTime Sheet HeaderTime Sheet Header ArchiveTime Sheet LineTime Sheet Line ArchiveTo-doTracking SpecificationTrailing Sales Orders SetupUser Default Style SheetUser MetadataUser PersonalizationUser Time Register 1-Oct-2012VAT Registration Log 6-Oct-2015Vendor 6-Oct-2015Vendor Invoice DiscountWarehouse Activity HeaderWarehouse Basic CueWarehouse EntryWarehouse Internal Put-away HeaderWarehouse Internal Put-away LineWarehouse Item Tracking LineWarehouse Journal BatchWarehouse Journal LineWarehouse Pick RequestWarehouse Put-away RequestWarehouse RegisterWarehouse RequestWarehouse Shipment HeaderWarehouse Shipment LineWarehouse WMS CueWarehouse Worksheet LineWorkflow Event QueueWorkflow RuleWorkflow Step ArgumentWorkflow Step InstanceWorkflow Step Instance ArchiveWorkflow Table Relation Value


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