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Intuit releases R6 for QuickBooks 14.0 (Pro, Premier and Enterprise)

Release 6 of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 14.0 Windows – All Editions

This document summarizes changes and improvements made in Release 6 of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 14.0 Windows. Release 6 includes all changes that have been made to your QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 14.0 software since it was first released.

What’s important about Release 6? 1.Resolved an issue emailing transactions and large reports 2.Resolved multiple Unrecoverable errors 3.Bank Feeds improvements 4.QuickBooks File Doctor improvements

Summary of Release 6 Changes:

  1. Add Multiple Items: Subitems will now sort under their parents in Find & Select windows on transactions. (R6)

  2. Bank Feeds: Fixed an issue that was decreasing QuickBooks performance when working on the Transaction List with multiple Rules. (R6)

  3. Customers using Classic mode for Bankfeeds will no longer receive an error when setting up a new online account. (R6)

  4. Users with bill pay enabled will be able to use “Inquire about payments” and “Cancel Payments” from the Bank Feeds Center. (R6)

  5. Users will be able to successfully Create & Send messages to their financial institution from the BankFeeds Center. When the FI does not support this operation, QuickBooks will display a message notifying the user. (R6)

  6. Bin Location Tracking: Item quantity difference now updates correctly when user changes bin selection in Inventory adjustments. (R6)


  1. Fixed an issue that was decreasing QuickBooks performance whenever the Vendor Center was launched and closed. (R6)

  2. QuickBooks will now remember columns added to the Inventory Center, and not reset to default once closed. (R6)

  3. Column width settings on all centers will be retained after opening and closing QuickBooks. (R6)

  4. Enterprise Accountant users will now be able to see the Client Ready Payroll Reports on the Payroll Center. (R6)

  5. The status in the Recent Payroll table of the Payroll Center will change to “To Send” after voiding a direct deposit paycheck. (R6)

Email: Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks to close when emailing transactions or reports. (R6)

File Operations

  1. Fixed an issue that caused an Unexpected Error while creating a new company file. (R6)

  2. Fixed an issue that would cause the conversion of a Quicken file to fail. (R6)

  3. Fixed an issue that caused a C=102 error when upgrading a company file. (R6)

  4. Fixed an issue that caused the file path to display as the company name for files converted from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks desktop. (R6)


  1. Fixed an issue that caused an Unrecoverable Error when editing an account to change its type and then making it a subaccount. (R6)

  2. Fixed an issue that caused a newly created account to not immediately display in the Chart of Accounts. (R6)

  3. Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks to close after opening the To Do List, if the list includes a To Do without a date. (R6)


QuickBooks Messenger will no longer close automatically while in multi-user mode. (R6)


Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks to close while working with letter templates. (R6)


  1. Added a new warning message if one or more liability payments do not have a frequency set up. (R6)

  2. QuickBooks will now warn payroll users when their Federal liability exceeds $100.000. According to IRS, the tax payment is due by the end of the next business day when this happens. (R6)

  3. Fixed an issue where overtime hours on a paycheck that were pulled from a timesheet would not calculate at time and a half. (R6)

  4. QuickBooks will now display a message to inform the user if sending paystubs to View My Paychecks was successful or not. (R6)

Payroll: E-File & Pay

Fixed an issue that caused the address to not auto fill correctly on the Colorado form DR 1094 form. (R6)


  1. Sales form templates set to print an legal paper size will now be displayed correctly when emailing or saving as PDF. (R6)

  2. Price Markup

  3. When automatic cost change preference was set to yes, dialog asking about price update did not have cost change defaulted to YES. Now it does. (R6)

  4. Printing

  5. Fixed an issue that caused the check number to be retained even after selecting to reprint it on the Print Checks Confirmation window. (R6)

QuickBooks File Doctor

  1. Internal QuickBooks File Doctor will now display results from the Network Diagnostics as well as the File Diagnostics. (R6)

  2. QuickBooks File Doctor will now display the message “No network connectivity” when applicable for users running QuickBooks on Windows Vista. (R6)

QuickBooks Merchant Services

Fixed an issue that caused the wrong credit card information to appear on the Process Credit Card window after the customer is changed on the transaction prior to processing. (R6)


Fixed an issue that prevented Transaction Journals from being exported to Excel. (R6)


Fixed an issue that caused QuickBooks to close when duplicating a transaction after a menu item is added through the SDK. (R6)

Fixed an issue that caused the error “Could not find or create an instance of QuickBooks using InstanceFinder”, when connecting to QuickBooks while it is not running in UI. (R6)


Users can now search for items by manually entering in a barcode. (R6)

Serial/Lot Tracking

Transaction List by Lot report now runs faster. (R6)

User Interface

  1. Added a link to the PDF repair tool on all error messages related to a PDF failure. (R6)

  2. Hotkeys will now work in the “Review paycheck” and “Preview paycheck” window. (R6)

  3. Pressing ALT+S from the Payroll Info tab for an employee will now open the Sick/Vacation window. (R6)

  4. When rows with hyperlink/amounts are selected within the Payroll Center, they are highlighted and readable. Hyperlinks are underlined as well. (R6)

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