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Intuit releases R5 for QuickBooks 2015

Release 5 of QuickBooks 2015 for Windows – All Editions

This document summarizes changes and improvements made in Release 5 of all editions of QuickBooks 2015 for Windows except Enterprise Solutions. Release 5 includes all changes that have been made to your QuickBooks 2015 software since it was first released.

Summary of Release 5 Changes:


  1. QuickBooks Payments customers can now email invoices with a Pay Now link. Your customers can pay you instantly online or from their mobile device. (R5)

  2. As a payments customer, online payments for both card and ACH are enabled by default. You can modify this setting in the company or customer preferences as well as on individual invoices. NOTE: If you previously used IPN, this does not apply, your IPN preferences will set.

  3. For payments made online by your customers, you will need to download them from merchant service deposits in order for your invoices and books to reflect the payment.

Time Tracking Fixed an issue that caused existing Weekly Timesheets to disappear or change to Single Time Activities after upgrading to QuickBooks 2015. (R5)

User Interface Improved performance of the QuickBooks internal browser when using the software on a computer with Internet Explorer 11. (R5)

For more information, please contact CBR Technology at (855) 227-0700.

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