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Intuit releases QuickBooks Enterprise 14 – Release 5 Service Patch

What’s important about QuickBooks Enterprise Release 5 (Service Pack) ?

  1. Resolved issues with Advanced Pricing and Enhanced Inventory Receiving

  2. Resolved various causes for COM and Unrecoverable errors

  3. Payroll improvements

  4. Performance improvements in sales forms

  5. User permissions and Accounts Receivable fixes

  6. SDK improvementsAccountants Copy

  7. QuickBooks 2014 and Enterprise Solutions v14 will no longer open Accountants Copy files (.QBX ) created in QuickBooks 2012/Enterprise Solutions  v12 or earlier.Accounts Payable

  8. QuickBooks will no longer display the error “Unable to add item to list” when editing the cost on an open bill while in multi user mode.Accounts Receivable

  9. QuickBooks will no longer double the amount of credits available when credits are unapplied and reapplied to a transaction.

  10. Fixed an issue that prevents the Visa and Mastercard payment methods from displaying if they are in all caps (i.e. VISA or MASTERCARD).Centers

  11. QuickBooks will no longer display the error, “Google has disabled use of the maps API”, when clicking the map or directions link.

  12. QuickBooks will no longer display an Unrecoverable Error when opening the Customer Center.Condense

  13. Asset values will no longer change after the company file is condensed.Email Sales Forms and Statements

  14. Max number of messages to sync is now set to 3000 at a time to improve performance when trying to send large number of emails.

  15. QuickBooks will no longer display the error “Couldn’t connect to email server”, when trying to email a large number of forms through webmail.Enterprise – Advanced Inventory

  16. Couldn’t turn on lot numbers when user had previously used them and then turned off AI.

  17. Inventory stock status by site report – min/max should be blank (instead of zero) when no min/max is entered for the site.Enterprise – Advanced Pricing

  18. Users can now search for items within the price overrides window.

  19. Edit warning should not have been displayed for pricing when recalling a sales transaction from the memorized transaction list.

  20. Added a new report: Customer Price List.

  21. Prices will be rounded correctly on the Item Prices by Price Rule report when rounding is set to use same rounding across all price rules.

  22. Validation has been added to custom fields used in price rules.Enterprise – Enhanced Inventory Receiving

  23. Purchase Orders manually closed will no longer appear as open when entering bills for a vendor.File Operations

  24. QuickBooks will no longer display an Unrecoverable Error when switching between company files or closing with the X button.

  25. QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly if a user exits the program while a transaction form is open.Help

  26. In product help article “What is the Chart of Accounts” will no longer display duplicate paragraphs.

  27. Help link in the Edit Item window will now work if the Help dialog box is already open.Inventory

  28. QuickBooks will no longer display the error “Unable to add item to list”, when changing the cost on a bill.

  29. QuickBooks will now update prices correctly according to the markup %, while in multi user mode.

  30. When item markup preference was set to “never update price” and “always ask about cost changes”, cost changed window didn’t display when cost was changed.

  31. Fixed some text overlapping issues on the Build Assembly window.

  32. QuickBooks will no longer change the price when the cost is changed in the edit item window.

  33. Cost and price updates did not always take place when cost was changed and preferences were set to always update cost and price.

  34. QuickBooks will no longer display a COM error when receiving items for multiple Purchase Orders.

  35. QuickBooks will no longer freeze when working on a Build Assembly transaction.Other

  36. QuickBooks will no longer display an Unrecoverable Error when closing QuickBooks if the Make General Journal Entry window is currently open with another window on top.Payroll

  37. Fixed an issue that prevented the ability to recall a memorized Payroll Liability Check from the Memorized Transaction List.

  38. QuickBooks will now round numbers up correctly on paychecks.

  39. Payroll liability e-payments will no longer show as To Print even after being submitted.

  40. Payroll Center Refresh: Users will be able to remove checks from the print queue directly from the payroll center history table by right clicking and choosing an option “Remove from print queue”.

  41. QuickBooks will now show an improved message to Direct Deposit and Assisted Payroll customers when creating or sending a payroll within two federal banking days of the paycheck date.

  42. QuickBooks will no longer display a message if a user enters hours for any employee without selecting the employee first.  If the employee is not selected first, it will automatically be selected when the hours are entered.

  43. Enter Payroll Information window will now show separate print options for Checks and Direct Deposit checks.

  44. Resolved an issue that prevented payroll updates from installing due to the subscription not validating.

  45. QuickBooks will no longer close when sending more than 5 Vendor Direct Deposits.

  46. Users with an Enhanced Payroll for Accountants subscription can now create payroll forms for a Basic Payroll Client.

  47. Recent paychecks will no longer show as “To Send” after they have already been sent.Performance

  48. Improved performance for saving large sales orders with lots of items.

  49. QuickBooks will no longer display COM errors while a user performs random or multiple tasks.

  50. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions DB cache will no longer revert from unlimited to 512 MB on reboot of the computer.Printing

  51. Amount in the Cost column will no longer wrap to the next line when printing a Bill or Item Receipt.QuickBooks Maintenance Alerts

  52. When a user has not made a backup for more than 15 days, they will see a message in the QuickBooks Maintenance Alerts window to prompt the user to make a backup.Reports

  53. QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly when opening the Committed Cost by Job report while in the Professional Services sample file.

  54. QuickBooks will no longer close unexpectedly when opening the Committed Cost by Job report while in the Enterprise Solutions Accountant trial version.SDK

  55. Inventory  Adjustments with Bin locations will now calculate correctly.

  56. Turning off Advanced Inventory will no longer prevent  writing to the invoice table via SDK.

  57. Ref Number feature which was broken for some of the apps  in Ruby R4 are Fixed now.User Interface

  58. Alt + ` and Alt + ~ hotkeys will now allow users to tab through a window with multiple set of tabs.Users and Permissions

  59. QuickBooks will no longer display a warning message when a user with restricted permissions to only view items launches the Inventory Center.

  60. Users with restricted permissions to only view items can no longer edit information about an item through Inventory Center.

  61. Users with view only permissions will no longer be able to print a transaction history report.

  62. QuickBooks will no longer display an Unrecoverable Error while changing the Administrator’s password.

  63. QuickBooks will no longer experience Administrator user issues when “hvac” is used as the password.

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