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How to track unreconciled Bank Transactions in Dynamics NAV 2016 or 2017

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 and 2017 have two separate options as to how to configure the Bank Reconciliation process. The so called, North American configuration, has the ability to reconcile an account and then , after posting of the reconciliation, track the reconciled and un-reconciled items in a report. This option is designed to provide for the fact that the US business still routinely use Accounts Payable Checks, that might get lost in the mail or are never mailed out in the first place. This feature is not of importance for most International Clients as they are usually using EFT or ACH transactions. As such, the concept of a UNRECONCILED item is not as relevant.


Leaving this checkbox checked, will utilize the World-wide Edition function, which allows you to Import Bank transactions from a bank feed electronically. However, this features also de-activates the ability to track un-reconciled items.

When you UNCHECK this option the system operates in hte North American Mode, which prevents you from using the Bank Feed import feature, but does activate the un-reconciled item tracking functionality.

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