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How to redirect Help Server for Dynamics NAV Web Client

We have received a number of inquiries from our clients, which are reporting an error and failure to access the Dynamics NAV Help and Help Server from a remote terminal Browser using the Dynamics NAV Web Client.

During our typical deployments of the Dynamics NAV 2016 product, we encounter the problem that remote users of the NAV Web Client do not have the ability to press <F1> to access the help server properly. The reason for this issue is because, by default, the webconfig file on the Server is routing all web help traffic to the local SERVER which is not accessible via the external web.

To address this issue you have two separate issues to resolve.

The Help Server, which is typically the same as the NAV Server, must be accessible from the external web. The Default Port for the Help Server is 49000, but can be changed easily in NAV and IIS. Make sure to configure your firewall to allow for incoming traffic to that port and have all incoming IP Traffic on Port 49000 routed to the NAV Help Server.

The webconfig file for NAV is programmed to route the traffic to the internal Server Name, by default. To fix, find the web.config file in the c:\Windows\inetpub\wwwroot\DynamicsNAV90 folder and modify it using NotePad or another text editor.


      Name of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help Server to connect

      to. The value of the “Server” setting is used as the default.


    <add key=”HelpServer” value=”” />


    The listening TCP port for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help Server.

    Valid range: 1-65535


    <add key=”HelpServerPort” value=”49000″ />

For more Assistance or for any additional help with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Deployment, feel free to contact us directly at CBR Technology at Tel. 855-227-0700.

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