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How to Filter, Search and Sort Data in NAV 2017 2018 D365

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Searching, Filtering, and Sorting Data

There are a few things that you can do that will help you find, pinpoint, and scan records in a list. These include sorting, searching and filtering.

When you want to search for data, such as customer names, addresses, or product groups, you enter criteria. In search criteria you can use all the numbers and letters that you normally use in the specific field. In addition, you can use special symbols to further filter the results. There are two ways to search: using the Quick Filter or column filters.


Sorting makes it easy for you to get a quick overview of your data. If you have many customers, for example, you can choose to sort them by Customer No., Customer Posting Group, Currency Code, Country Region Code, or Sales Tax Registration No. to get the overview you need.

To sort a list, you can either choose a column heading text to toggle between ascending and descending order, or choose the small downs arrow in the column heading, and then choose Ascending or Descending.

Searching by using the Quick Filter

You can add filters to all pages by using the Quick Filter. The Quick Filter is enabled by choosing the magnifier icon in the top right corner of a page. This filtering type is used for a fast entry of criteria.


The Quick Filter provides an easy access to filter data by entering plain text, but does also provide a lot of search criteria options. Depending on whether you enter plain text or text including symbols, the Quick Filter behaves differently.

  1. If you enter plain text in the search criteria, the search criteria is interpreted as a case insensitive search that contains certain text.

  2. If you enter text including symbols in th