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How to change the Due Date on an AR Sales Invoice NAV 2017 2018 D365

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Although the Dynamics NAV AR Sales Invoice has a Payment Terms selected which controls the default Due Date, sometimes it is necessary to modify the Due Date AFTER the AR Sales Invoice has been posted. To do so, please select he following:


NAV Change DueDate in AR - Screen1

Press the EDIT LIST button to open the Customer Ledger Maintenance page. You can use the FILTER options as needed to locate the correct Sales invoice. From there, simply select the proper transaction and change the Due Date to the desired date.

NAV Change DueDate in AR - Screen2

Once you exit the page, NAV will save the changes automatically.

You can change the Due date on OPEN Accounts Payable (AP) Purchase Invoice in the same fashion. Simply navigate tot eh VENDOR LEDGER ENTRIES page and the steps are identical. Of course, if an AP Purchase Invoice has been paid on full and is no longer “OPEN” , changing the Due Date does not work.

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