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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 ROI is $16.97 for every dollar spent

According to Nucleus Research and the analysis conducting the results of Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations, they found that for each dollar spent, companies realized an average of $16.97 in returns. With ROI for enterprise resources planning(ERP), and customer relationship management(CMR), delivering on average, $7.23, and $8.71 respectively, Dynamics 365 is higher than the two combined. Through the research conducted, Nucleus determined that the companies that were taking advantage of Microsoft’s investment in the cloud and usability as well as integration and analytics, were achieving significantly higher returns by increasing productivity and revenues, while reducing costs.

Microsoft has continued its effort to develop and expand its portfolio and capabilities with Dynamics 365 supporting CRM, ERP, human capital management (HCM) processes, advanced analytics, and application development (with PowerApps).

A majority of the Dynamics 365 implementations included in this research were either upgrades or companies switching over from other non Microsoft products. Generally, these projects only delivered moderate incremental returns. Common elements of financial success for deployments included:

  1. Integration: The ability to integrate Microsoft solutions with existing or new applications and data sources was key to finishing projects on-time and under budget.

  2. In several cases, Microsoft customers were able to create additional sources of profit through cross-selling/up-selling with field service enabling new lines of business. With real-time data and embedded analytics functionality easily accessible, customers are able to maximize the value of company data with data-driven decision making.

  3. The focus on standardizing an easy-to-use user interface across products. With Microsoft products sharing a common design and user experience, customers can leverage familiarity with other Microsoft products  requiring less time for user adoption.

  4. Cloud technology innovation saving costs will all the necessary infrastructure and implementation support, Microsoft customers are supported through cloud deployments, reducing the costs for initial hardware and ongoing information technology(IT) support.

  5. Several cases of deploying the more scalable and usable Microsoft solutions that was focused on improving user productivity allowed customers to automate or standardize repeatable manual processes. This enabled users to redirect time saved to other high value tasks.

The relative value Dynamics 365 of Microsoft capabilities provided to customers is highlighted in several companies with the most recent ROI case studies included in this analysis.

Macdonald-Miller Facility Solutions

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Macdonald-Miller facility Solutions is an industry leader in the design, construction and modernization of “smart” buildings to minimize energy usage. Choosing to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Azure Internet of Things (IoT) Hub to modernize operations, the company was collecting data from a variety of disparate sources with difficulties that were time consuming to derive actionable insights from the data. With the company fully onboard with Dynamics 365 configured to their company, the efficiency of field service technicians has increased as well as overall company profits, sales, and leads.

Macdonald-Miller Facility Solutions is one of the many companies experiencing a direct correlation between Dynamics 365 adoption and several improvements to company operations as well as increases in profits. Microsoft continues to grow the capabilities and the value of the Dynamics 365 portfolio. The integration of their business applications including Office 365, Power BI, PowerApps, and Azure offer even greater value than the industry averages, and as Microsoft continues to invest in the innovation and integration of their products, companies will benefit from the value of the Dynamics 365 portfolio.

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