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Fields missing from Microsoft Dynamics NAV D365 Forms – User Security Issue – NAV 2017 2

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Some of our clients have reported a number of issues with FIELDS that completely dis-appear or are hidden from a NAV Page even though the user has confirmed underlying access to the table. Examples of these issues include:

  1. Vendor 1099 Status not showing on the Vendor Maintenance Page even though the user has full access the Vendor Table

  2. Reorder Policy in the Item Master window not showing at all even though the Client has full access to the Item Master table

These issue are caused by a NAV User Security mechanism. Although the User has full access to the Table itself, on which the page is based on, the fields in questions are actual look-up fields to other related table. If the User does not have at least READ access to these related tables, these fields are simply removed from the page all together.

If you like further assistance or talk to a Microsoft NAV Professional, please feel free to call us directly at Tel. 800-227-0700.

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