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Errors during a QuickBooks Updates in a Multi-User Environment

From time to time, and usually UN-ANNOUNCED, Intuit will issue new Service RELEASES for their QuickBooks Desktop products. Unfortunately, these Services updates can cause HAVOC in a multi-user environment when the installation of these updates is not coordinated.

IF you are in a multi-user Environment, make sure to always say NO to the Service update request by the software.

2017-03-27 11_10_17-Computers & Contacts

Please make sure to instruct your users in your company to always say NO to this prompt.

The installation of these updates has to be coordinated with your IT team and has to involve the Server as well as EVERY workstation on your network at the same time. Allowing different workstations to run different Releases of even the same version of QuickBooks can cause permanent damage and data corruption in your company file.

For more information about these procedures, please feel free to engage our Professional Services at (855) 227-0700 or placing a service request on our website at .

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