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Character Limitations for QuickBooks Data Fields

Each field in your company data file has a maximum number of characters that can be entered. This article lists the maximum number of characters in each field.FieldMaximum charactersAccount Name31Account Numbers7Amount20Custom Fields (items)30Customer message (Invoices)101Customer, Vendor and Other Names41Item name131Employee Name (first and last)25Item Description (Invoices)4095Item Part number31Job Description99Memo24095Note Field34095Notes in Shipping/Billing Address41Username29Password16Ship to Name41Invoice Number Field11Lot Numbers40Report Company Name60Report Tile60Report Subtitle60Report Extra Footer60Text Box1000

1 Item/Account/Customer/Vendor names may contain special characters but it is recommended that the first character not be a special character.

2 While the Memo field can contain 4095 characters, only 30-60 characters will display on printed checks depending on print settings. 96 characters will display on a Transaction Detail report.

3 While the Notes field on the timesheet can contain 4095 characters, only 96 characters will display on the Time by Job Detail report.

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