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What is the difference between a Software License and a Subscription as offered by Intuit for QuickB


When you subscribe to QuickBooks, you will NOT own a Software License at all. As a result, you do not have any claims to the product beyond the contractual time period and to the data contained within. If you stop paying your annual subscription fee, you will STOP having access to your company data file as well.

Even though the QuickBooks Desktop product is installed on your local server and/or workstation, the software will check , via the Internet, every 2 weeks if your subscription status allows for access to the system. If your system is not configured to access the Internet, the software will lock up within 2 weeks.

Once your subscription expires, the QuickBooks Software will not allow you to open any company file and see ANY data. The system does not differentiate between data access in read-only or read-write mode and all access is disabled, once your subscription expires. The location of the datafile is NOT relevant.

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