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Requisition Worksheets and Demand Forecasts in Business Central

CBR Technology is a Business Central pure-play Partner is the US. Our entire organization is focused on the implementation and maintenance of the Dynamics 365 Business Central solution. Call us at 855-227-0700 for assistance with your project !

In Version 20, Microsoft has added the ability to create Demand Forecast that is location sensitive. Most of our clients perform item sales forecasts on a monthly basis and requisition accordingly.

When you created the forecast, make sure to use quantities inthe Base Unit of Measurenit of Measureit of Measuret of Measure of Measureof Measuref Measure MeasureMeasureeasureasuresureurere

  • If you are using Stockkeeping units, these settings are on the Stockkeeping database, not on the item master.

  • Replenishment System should be set to Purchase Order.

  • Reordering Policy should be set to Order.

  • Under the Item Maintenance, make sure to select the PURCHASE - VENDOR option to select which vendors are valid choices for the given item

  • Make sure you create a valid forecast for the item and location in question

  • When you created the forecast, make sure to use the quantities in the Base Unit of Measure

During the requisition Worksheet batch creation, use the Calculate Plan function.

  • Select the proper Planning Period

  • Select the proper Forecast

  • Select the proper Location Filter (i.a.)

The routine will built the proper suggestion for the creation of Purchase Orders. The "Carry-out Action Item" option will then create the Purchase Order.

The above mentioned setup settings are mission-critical.

Call us if you need us !

Tel. 855-227-0700

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