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POS R17 Patch Release is Available from Intuit

R17 Scope: We are releasing 22 bug fixes and a Crash Reporting & Diagnostics solution as detailed below in the table.

General Functionality

  1. • A new company file can now have a period at the end of the name

  2. • When opening Point of Sale error message “Value cannot be null. Parameter:s” will no longer occur

  3. • Usage and Analytics Study added

  4. • Point of Sale Add-ons developed by third party developers will no longer return an error when adding multiple items to a receipt using IPOSDocumentItems.AddItems in the add on interface.

  5. • Point of Sale Add-ons developed by third party developers will no longer timeout on REST Queries

  6. • Client can now be updated automatically if client is trying to connect to a server of higher release.


  1. • Barcodes that are shorter than thirteen digits will now be searched when scanned.

  2. • Receipt number is now visible in item history

  3. • Correct item will now display and print when printing tags from the Item List

  4. • When selecting Item Detail in Item List it will appear without additional delay


  1. • Cursor will now default to the swipe field when taking a debit card as form of payment


  1. • When viewing Customer Statistics from a receipt the information will now show correctly

  2. • Will no longer give an error when adding a customer with multiple email addresses to a sales receipt

  3. • Receipt number is now visible in customer history

Financial Exchange

  1. • The full item description from the Point of Sale receipt will now be sent to QuickBooks in the financial exchange

  2. • A sales receipt with returned group items will no longer cause an error during financial exchange

MultiStore Functionality

  1. • Remote Store will now prompt when scanning an unrecognized item.


  1. • Employee security group can no longer make changes to store account settings

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