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NetSuite 2012 Release 2 will update Standard Forms

Version 2010 Release 2 included significant enhancements to improve form usability and appearance, including Field Groups and an improved Subtab and Sublist structure. Since that release, account administrators have been able to upgrade their standard and/or custom forms at their discretion.

Version 2012 Release 2 will automatically apply the form layout enhancements to all standard forms that have not yet been upgraded. Custom forms will not be affected by this upgrade.

This upgrade will ensure that all users of standard forms will benefit from the enhanced layouts as well as recently added functionality, such as customizable QuickViews.

You do not need to take any action at this time. The upgrade will happen automatically with your upgrade to Version 2012 Release 2. You can preview the upgraded standard forms in Release Preview. In addition, you can upgrade the forms before your upgrade to Version 2012 Release 2. Account administrators can go to Setup > Customization > Transaction (or Entry) Forms and click the Upgrade Checklist link to preview and deploy upgraded standard forms to users before Version 2012 Release 2.

IMPORTANT: Version 2012 Release 2 will not apply form layout enhancements to custom forms in your account – custom forms will not be affected in any way by this change.

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