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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central User Interface Walkthrough

Microsoft just released the FALL 2018 update of its Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as Dynamics NAV) product. Business Central is a business management solution for small and mid-sized organizations that automates and streamlines business processes and helps manage your business. This video highlights how home pages in Business Central gives fast access to the tools needed everyday while keeping all features readily accessible. When signing up for Business Central, you receive access to a demonstration company that contains sample data. You can add and modify existing data, and create sales documents and/or set up bank accounts allowing users to become more familiar with its layout and features.

Most of Business Central should be familiar to prior Microsoft NAV users, however, this guide explains and reviews core functionality and helps teach basic and daily tasks like creating sales invoices or viewing a report. Business Central includes standard configurations for most business processes, but you can change the configurations to better suit the needs of the company.

When performing business tasks, data is interacted with in several different ways, such as creating records, entering, sorting, and filtering data, writing notes, and outputting data to other applications. The customization of various page options allows users to efficiently utilize and access features that are prioritized based on the company needs. For example, the size and position of any window can be adjusted, as well as expanding the width and height of column headers and the sorting of data in columns.

Different tasks are delegated depending on each individuals role in the company.  Accountants crunch numbers, project managers keep jobs on budget, and sales managers monitor opportunities in the pipeline. A homepages collects the tools we need to be efficient in our daily work and allows them to be easily accessible all in one place. Important information such as Sales and purchase documents, and invoices are readily accessible within the homepage.

The Accountant home page lets us monitor payments and approvals, view finance performance charts, and work with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, paid transactions, and more.

The Sales and Relationships homepage helps us control our sales processes. We can stay on top of ongoing opportunities, send sales quotes to customers and contacts, manage campaigns, and keep a close eye on sales in our pipeline.

The Project Manager homepage gives us an overview of work in process on current projects making it easy to stay on budget. We can set up jobs, plan tasks, and manage resources and purchase items and supplies.

The numbers on the tiles show key figures for activities so we can quickly decide what actions to take. For example, we can see an unprocessed payment that needs attention. All homepages have this same layout bringing attention to all important pieces of information within your organization.

Many changes have been made to the web-based client including many features which were previously only available on the Windows Client. In the video below, we are highlighting some of the User Interface changes.

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