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Intuit Point of Sale – Version 18, Release 10 Available now

Intuit is releasing an update for their Point of Sale software that addresses a few issues that have been reported by the user base. For assistance with your Point of Sale product, please call us at TEL. (855) 227-0700

To download the latest code, please access:

The issues that have been addressed by this release are:

Release 10 (R10)MAS

  1. Improved how declined EMV Debit transactions are processed.

  2. Point of Sale will no longer freeze when signing into a payments account in the Setup Interview

  3. The Batch Close time menu option has been corrected to work as intended.

  4. Improvement have been made to  payments account login screen size.Sales, Purchasing and Items

  5. Point of Sale will now show the correct spelling on printed receipts for Pin Debit transactionsMobile Sync

  6. Resolved “Bad Request” syncing errors

  7. Point of Sale will now correctly display the card type on transactions imported from Go Payment

  8. Point of Sale will no longer delete items that were deleted from Go Payment when doing a Mobile Sync.

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