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How to Set Up Landed Cost in QuickBooks – New Functionality Added to QB Enterprise 2020 Platin

Landed cost helps you track your product costs more accurately. You can use it to factor in things like shipping, customs duties, insurance, and miscellaneous items.

Once you’ve set up landed cost, you can see it for any bill you add inventory and shipping items to. Here’s how to set it up and get started.

Step 1: Set up the Landed Cost account

To set up landed cost, you’ll need to first turn on Advanced Inventory for QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Edition v20.0. You can create a new account or use an existing account to map shipping and handling items.

  1. From the Edit menu, select Preferences.

  2. Select Items and Inventory, then select Company Preferences.

  3. Select Advanced Inventory Settings.

  4. Select the Landed costs tab, then select Setup landed cost account.

  5. Create either a new account or use an existing account, then select Save & Continue.

Step 2: Map shipping and handling items to the Landed Cost account

Select the shipping and handling items, or add new items like shipping, customs, labor, etc.

  1. Select the Shipping & Handling items drop-down.

  2. Choose shipping and handling items to map.

  3. Select Save & Close.

How to create new items for Landed Cost

To create new items for landed cost, you’ll need to create an item type of Other Charge then add it to the landed cost account.

To do this: