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How to issue a Refund Check to a Customer in Dynamics NAV 2016 2017 2018 or 365

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In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can issue a Refund Check to a Customer which is based on a Payment on Account or a previously issues Credit memo quite easily. For audit reasons and to keep this process as transparent as possible, it is recommended that you issue ONE check per outstanding payment/Credit Memo transaction.

You start the process in the PAYMENT JOURNAL of the NAV system, just like you would for a regular Vendor Payment.

The next steps are as follows:

  1. Posting Date – Date of the refund check

  2. Document Type – “Refund”

  3. Document No. – Leave this field blank, as it will be populated automatically with the check number when the check is printed. Note: If you’re issuing a manual check, enter the check number in this field)

  4. External Document No. – Use this as a reference field for the refund check (for example, return order number

  5. Account Type – “Customer”

  6. Account No. – Select the customer’s account number to which the refund check is being issued

  7. Description – This field auto-populates with the Customer Name

  8. Amount – Enter the amount to be refunded. Note: See Applies-to Doc. No. field below

  9. Bal. Account Type – Bank Account

  10. Bal. Account No. – Select the bank account number that the check will come out of

  11. Bank Payment Type – Make sure to select COMPUTER CHECK

  12. Applies-to Doc. Type – “Credit Memo” or “Payment”

  13. Applies to Doc No. – Use the Drop-down window to select an OPEN Payment or Credit Memo

After you fill out the transactional information as indicated, use the PRINT CHECK button to print the actual check. Once printed, you can continue with the regular options such as POSTING or VOIDING of the check.

The check will appear in your Bank Check Payment Journal like all your other AP checks. Of course, it will also appear in your Bank Reconciliations as a regular AP Checks as well.


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