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How to conduct and record a proper Physical Inventory Count in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Centr

For additional support, please feel free to reach us at . Some accounting and inventory procedures are done infrequently in Business Central. As a result, the proper procedure needs to be reviewed prior to conducting a physical inventory count in the system. Business Central Premium edition also supports a cycle count process that allows you to select items in the system based on item-specific count cycle indicators. The basic process is as follows:

  1. Make sure all Sales Orders are posted (Shipments at a minimum)

  2. Make sure all Purchase Orders are posted (Receivers as a minimum)

  3. Make sure all KNOWN inventory adjustments are posted

  4. Then use PHY INVENTORY WORKSHEET to start inventory count procedure

  5. Use the CALC INVENTORY button ONCE to update the batch with the proper calc quantities

  6. IF you discover a un-posted sales order or purchase order AFTER you pressed the CALC button, you MUST delete the whole batch and start over

  7. Print the COUNT sheet using the PRINT function with the SHOW LOT and SHOW QTY checkboxes selected

  8. Count the Inventory and use the count sheet to note any discrepancies

  9. Return to the BATCH and select the items which have a discrepancy, Update the COUNT QTY

  10. For each item with a discrepancy, you must select the ITEM TRACKING option to indicate which LotNo is involved

  11. If the adjustment is POSITIVE, make sure the unit cost is correct!

  12. When done, POST the batch and the inventory will be adjusted.

Some of the biggest mistakes you can make are:

  1. Pressing the CALC INVENTORY button more than once for the batch. This will create multiple lines for the same item, every time you press the button

  2. Using the incorrect UNIT COST when making positive inventory adjustments based on the count.

Please feel free to reach out to us for additional support or custom reporting requirements. Sales can be reached at Tel. (855) 227-0700.

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