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Error: 80070057 the Parameter is Incorrect or You do not have Sufficient Permissions

When you try to open a company file, you see one of the following messages:

80070057 the parameter is incorrect.

You do not have sufficient permissions to delete files in the specified folder. To use QuickBooks in a multi-user environment, you must have read/write access and create/delete rights to the folder where the company file is stored.

Possible causes of this error:

  1. You are trying to open the company file by double-clicking rather than opening the file from inside QuickBooks Desktop.

  2. If you are attempting to open a company file that is located in a folder on a redirected desktop, and the computer (such as a laptop) is not connected to the network.

  3. The third party firewall is not configured for QuickBooks.


  1. If you are attempting to open a file stored on an external drive or flash drive, copy the file to your hard drive and open it from there.

  2. If you get the error while installing QuickBooks Desktop, try re-downloading the program from Intuit’s website

Perform the following recommended solutions to resolve the error.

Run as administrator

Re-launch your QuickBooks Desktop.

  1. Right-click the program icon.

  2. Choose Run as administrator.

Open the company file after the QuickBooks program has already opened