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Dynamics GP 2013 Upgrade and System Requirements incl. Web Client

In order to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 from a previous version of Dynamics GP, you must already be running either Dynamics GP 10.0 or Dynamics GP 2010 (Version 11). An upgrade from a prior Version has to be completed in a two step approach. The specific Service Patch levels that you have to be on are :

  1. Dynamics GP 10.0 – Specifically 10.00.1779 (KB 2599501 or later)

  2. or Dynamics GP 2010 – Specifically 11.00.1860 (KB 2599505 or later)

Also, Dynamics GP 2013 NO LONGER supports the Office 2007 product or the SQL Server 2005 Engine. Please make sure to include these new requirements in your upgrade planning. If you are planning on replying the new WEB CLIENT for Dynamics GP, please note that all workstations must be running WIndows 7 and Internet Explorer. Please review the following Microsoft products which are NO longer supported by this release of GP 2013:

  1. Windows XP (on Workstation as client)

  2. Windows Vista (on Workstation as client)

  3. Internet Explorer 7.0 or lower

  4. Office 2007 or lower on Workstation

  5. Office Communicator 2007 on Workstation

  6. Windows 2003 Server Edition

  7. SQL Server 2005 or lower on Server

  8. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 on Server

  9. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or lower on ServerDynamics GP 2013 Workstation Requirement for the new Web Client:ItemRequirements Requirements32 Bit64 BitOperating System

  10. Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Edition

  11. Microsoft Windows 8 Ultimate Edition

  12. Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition

  13. Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition

  14. Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Edition

  15. Microsoft Windows 8 Ultimate Edition

  16. Microsoft Windows