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Discover Overlooked Features of Dynamics 365 with CBR Technology

Streamlining with Business Central: A CBR Technology Perspective

Our experts at CBR Technology, who bring over three decades of hands-on experience as Business Application Consultants and Solution Architects, are well-versed in teaching customers the ins and outs of Dynamics applications. Often, we uncover features and shortcuts that clients didn't even know existed, which can significantly boost their operational efficiency.

Credit Management

One such feature is Credit Management, which offers a panoramic view of the credit allocated to each customer and their current dues. This insight allows companies to manage collections more effectively, ensuring that there's sufficient credit available for new orders and making informed decisions about releasing or holding orders based on outstanding balances.

Duplicate Records Management

Duplicate customer or vendor records can create inefficiencies and inaccuracies within your financial management. Business Central provides a seamless way to merge duplicate records, aligning conflicting information and ensuring that all transaction activity is accurately recorded under a single, unified customer or vendor account.

Balancing Customer and Vendor Accounts

For businesses dealing with entities that are both customers and vendors, Business Central simplifies the management of net balances. This feature is crucial for optimizing cash flow and transaction fees by consolidating balances, thus avoiding unnecessary payments and ensuring financial accuracy.

Efficient Use of Templates and Filters

In addition to our foundational features, CBR Technology emphasizes the use of filtered views and templates to save time and keystrokes:

  • Filtered Views: Set personal filters to immediately access financial data like outstanding vendor amounts without running comprehensive reports. This setup is invaluable for quick assessments of cash requirements.

  • Customer/Vendor/Item Templates: Reduce manual data entry when setting up new accounts by using templates that automatically apply pre-set conditions such as payment terms or account numbers. This not only speeds up the process but also ensures consistency across your data entries.

Deferral Templates for Financial Management

Deferral Templates are another powerful tool, allowing you to automate the amortization of prepaid expenses and deferred revenues, which can be adjusted at the time of invoice posting or later via the General Journal.

Learn More and Connect

For personalized assistance or to discuss how our expertise in Dynamics 365 Business Central can meet your business needs today and in the future, reach out to CBR Technology. We're not just consultants; we're your partners in navigating the complexities of ERP solutions.

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