intuit quickbooks data corruption repair

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QuickBooks to Business Central Migration

The Intuit QuickBooks system is based on a 16bit database that can experiences technical difficulties in many different scenarios. Some of these issues can be resolved with the built in tools that Intuit provides you with, while others require a complete company rebuild. Severe data corruption may require a data migration into a new company file, but how do you protect your company data from being at risk again in the future? When encountering repetitive file rebuilds due to a balance sheet that is out of balance, or other errors and problems that commonly affect QuickBooks users, please consider contacting us to discuss the cost associated with a full data migration to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution.

Some unique Features & Functionality that Dynamics 365 Business Central has to offer:

  • Landed Cost for Inventory (vs. workarounds in Excel)

  • Multiple company files & inter-company transactions (vs. workarounds in Excel)

  • Multi-language User Interface (vs. English only)

  • Internal business workflow approval process (vs. limited permissions structure)

  • Machine Routers & more for Advanced Manufacturing (vs. simple assembly items)

  • Cloud-based software accessible from any device (vs. on-premise install)

  • Fully extendable with Microsoft AppSource Applications (vs. limited Intuit SDK)

  • Fully customizable with help from your Certified Microsoft Solution Provider - CBR Technology

Our Migration Services include:

  • General Ledger Chart of Accounts transfer

  • General Ledger Transaction Detail transfer

  • Accounts Receivable Customer Master transfer

  • Accounts Receivable Open Transactions transfer

  • Accounts Payable Vendor Master transfer

  • Accounts Payable Open Transactions transfer

  • IV Item Master transfer

  • IV Current Inventory on Hand transfer

  • Open Sales Orders transfer

  • Open Purchase Orders transfer

  • Business Process Consulting

  • User Training

  • & Much More