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Windows 7 64-Bit Workstation loosing all Internet Connectivity – HOW TO

I spend several hours troubleshooting a problems at my Windows Customer running Windows 7 64-Bit machines and a Windows 2008 R2 Server yesterday. The reason I was called:

  1. The workstation appeared to work properly with ALL local applications

  2. All local Network activity and file sharing was working properly

  3. All browsers that were installed (Explorer and Chrome) did not access the Internet and displayed a generic error message

  4. QuickBooks Enterprise stopped working all-together because the License Server was not reachable (NEW as of October of 2014) even though the customer had a valid License Code and an active FSP (Full Server Plan)

  5. Windows Updates could not be executed due to a lack of Internet Access


The problem turned out to be a Microsoft released Windows 7 Update which killed all Internet connectivity. I personally have NEVER seen such an issue and need to caution all users of the Windows 7 OS that Microsoft does appear to be fallible. You MUST roll-back the offending Microsoft update using the following method:


This is a very useful software tool provided by Microsoft, presumably for these types os instances, to roll-back to a previous version of your system state. This will remove any Windows updates that you have loaded since.

If you are the Administrator of a larger network, it is yet another argument to configure your Windows OS and the domain group Police to download the Windows updates, but not to install them automatically. Using this approach, you can use a single workstation for testing, and after you are certain that the new Windows updates do not cause any issues on your particular system, go ahead and roll them out domain-wide.

Caution: If you also have a Anti-Virus product loaded, you might receive an error message stating that the system restore did not complete properly because the AV product stopped the restore. In that case, you might need to un-install the AV product and try again.

CBR Technology is a Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise and Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV Partner in California. You can reach us at Tel. 855-227-0700.

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