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What’s new in Microsoft Business Central Version 17.4 (Cloud)

Business Central in Microsoft Teams

Business value

Make decisions faster as a team by bringing business data into Microsoft Teams, the hub for collaboration in Microsoft 365. Whether you’re in conversation with coworkers, preparing cross-department financial budgets, or bringing roles together for an important project, the Business Central app for Teams streamlines conversations and allows you to act on your Business Central data without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Feature details

The new Business Central app for Teams provides two distinct but related features that help streamline conversations and empower users to act on their business data without leaving Microsoft Teams:

  1. Paste a link to any Business Central record into Microsoft Teams chat, and it will expand that into a compact card to share with your coworkers.

  2. View the full card details in a window inside Microsoft Teams, including FactBoxes and other embedded content such as charts. Edit fields, initiate workflows, and take action from the window without having to switch apps.

It’s not about furniture

The Business Central app for Teams is designed to work with your customizations and solutions. No matter your role, industry, or geography, you can paste a link to almost any business entity that you work with.

The Business Central app for Teams is now generally available

We are pleased to announce that the Business Central app for Teams is now out of preview. We thank you for your feedback and engagement when trying out the preview app between October 2020 and January 2021. During this time, we have rolled out a number of fixes and the following improvements:

  1. The very first URL that you paste is no longer slow to expand into a card.

  2. View card details on Microsoft Teams for iOS and Microsoft Teams for Android, and pop out to the Business Central mobile app to do more with your data.

  3. Ability to print reports to cloud-enabled printers from the details window.

  4. Functionality in the details window can access device camera and location (as allowed by each Microsoft Teams client).

  5. App description on the Microsoft Teams store available in more languages.

  6. Addition of extensive documentation for users, administrators, and developers.

  7. Visual adjustments to the details window, including removal of the New record system action, and FactBoxes always start out as collapsed.

  8. A instructional message is shown when the details window is unable to load due to the browser pop-up blocker.

  9. A link to a record on a list page will expand into a card only for simple lists with no corresponding details page in the web client.

  10. A link to (without significant parameters) will expand into a card helping message recipients get started with Business Central, and includes buttons to sign in to Business Central in the browser, install the Business Central mobile app, and install the Business Central app for Teams.

  11. All other Business Central web client links expand into a simple card, including links to reports, tables, queries, list pages or other page types that do not represent single entities.

  12. Preview tag removed.

To benefit from all of the improvements and fixes:

  1. The app for Teams must be version 1.0.3 or later.

  2. You must connect to Business Central environments of version 17.3 or later.


  1. The app is not intended to work with on-premises, hosted or private cloud deployments of Business Central. The only supported deployment type is Business Central online (software as a service).

  2. The app is not intended to work with any versions of the Business Central service, platform or business application prior to version 17.0.X.X. For the best experience, your environment should be upgraded to version 17.3 or later.

Use recurring journals to allocate balances by dimension values

Business value

Allocating costs across the different dimensions that you use to track your business is key to getting correct insight on business profitability. To distribute costs correctly over dimensions, you need quality tools that give you control.

Feature details

To allocate costs based on G/L account balance by dimension, in Recurring General Jorunal, choose BD Balance by Dimension or RBD Reversing Balance by Dimension in the Recurring Method column. Additionally, you can now specify dimension filters by choosing Set Dimension Filters to be used to calculate source G/L account’s balance by dimension from which you want to allocate costs.

Call us at Tel. 855-227-0700 for support of customization of your Business Central system !

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