Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

AL Development Service & Customizations

Business Central (formerly know as Dynamics NAV) utilizes a new development language called AL. This new languages is a derivative of the original Dynamics NAV language called C/AL. If you own an older version of Dynamics NAV (NAV 2018 or prior), you will need to convert your customization from C/AL to AL.

Reasons for change:

Version Locking - In NAV 2018 or prior, any code written in C/AL could not be easily transferred from one update to the next. This resulted in many organizations becoming version locked. This has changed with AL Programming and Business Central.


An extension in Business Central is a collection of programming code which is separate and distinct from the Microsoft core objects. This allows developers to customize their clients systems without compromising Microsoft's ability to update or upgrade the cloud-based Business Central system.


In addition, Microsoft has introduce a layering concept which allows multiple developers to modify the same resource (page) in Business Central.

Amongst the most common customizations are adding data fields to Customer, Vendor and Item Master Records, as well as adding new fields to transactional tables as well. These new fields can also be visible in non-Business Central tools such as Power BI.

For more information, please feel free to contact our Development Team and we would be happy to assist you with an estimate for your NAV to Business Central conversion.